Pewter Jewellery Combined With Sterling Silver - A Guide

Pewter is a wonderful material for making jewellery as it has the appearance of silver, but without the tarnishing.

Why pewter jewellery?

It has a relatively low melting point (295 degrees C) and is hand cast by us in our busy workshop. All sprues and left-overs are melted down, so we have zero waste of resource and use very little energy in production; our melting pot uses the same energy as a kettle.

Cast into silicon rubber our jewellery has an extremely high level of detail and texture. The way we polish our pewter retains this detail to a higher level than can be achieved in silver.

Allergen Friendly.

Our pewter is 95% tin, so it is very inert (ie, it doesn’t chemically react with much). *for more detail on pewter got to the "About Pewter" page in the top navigation.

English Pewter is completely lead and nickel free. Nickel is the chief irritant found in old silver and base metal jewellery, also in jean rivets etc

Why Pewter with Sterling Silver?

Pewter is beautiful and lustrous, but structurally it’s not great with regard to its tensile strength or for moving parts. That’s why we combine Sterling Silver into our jewellery designs.

We make and solder on silver jump rings to our pewter necklaces (this is the ring the chain goes through), we use Sterling Silver wire to make our earring wires and studs and we use Sterling Silver chains for their strength and durability. Our heavier chains are hallmarked 925 Sterling.

925 Sterling Silver Chain 30".

Handmade Sterling silver ear wires soldered to the pewter leaves.

Spitfire pewter cufflinks.

Our Acorn and Oak leaf necklaces large and small. On 18 " 22 " and 30 " Sterling Silver Belcher Chains

Pewter jewellery Chain length Guide

All our English Pewter necklaces have an option for an 18” or 22” chain.

One or two of our designs are available on a longer much heavier hallmarked 30” chain. The photograph shows our oak leaf and acorn necklaces large and small. For reference, our plastic shop fitter’s model has a 36” bust.

Scale and size when choosing our handmade pewter jewellery.

All of our pewter necklaces and drop earrings have been photographed in a printers type box incorporating a British penny (for you abroad diameter 0.8” or 20 mm), this is for you to use as a scale guide when choosing our handmade pewter jewellery.