Collection: Long Pewter Jam Jar Spoons With A Hook To Hang From Any Jar

Long handled jam spoons for jars

UK hand crafted gifts that don't clutter. When they're not in use, they live in the cutlery drawer. 

See here our collection of nature inspired beautiful and practical long pewter jam jar spoons which are designed with a hook to hang on the inside or outside of any jar. Use with Jam, Honey, Pickles, Chutneys, Preserves etc.

Jar spoon gifts

Why not give one with a jar of something special?
Glover and Smith jar spoons, featuring oak leaves and acorns found on walks in the wood, British countryside animals, birds, bees and dragonflies, hares, chickens and wrens all feature in our designs. Long spoons mean no more sticky fingers! All lovingly handmade by us in Wiltshire.

Jam Spoons

Why give a spoon as a Gift ?
A spoon's friendly and feminine character (unlike a knife) makes an ideal housewarming or friendship gift, an expression of love, commitment and memory. The giving of such spoons recognises the passions, hobbies and personality of the recipient.