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Glover and Smith Handmade Pewter

The Lovers Bowl | Ideal 10th Tin 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The Lovers Bowl | Ideal 10th Tin 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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10 Year Anniversary

The designated material for a tenth wedding Anniversary is tin. Our Lovers bowl makes the perfect 10th Tin 10 year wedding anniversary gift (our pewter is 95% tin).

New for May 2021 the latest version of our 'Lovers Bowl'. The first version ran from 2004 to 2007, the second from 2010 to 2013.  We will only ever make a maximum of 250 of these. Then as before the mold will be destroyed.

Each lovers bowl is numbered and boxed with a certificate of authenticity.

Diameter 165mm (6.5") Height 58mm (2 .3") weight 600g (1lb 5oz)

An obvious symbol of love, but the heart also represents vulnerability and the traditional heart shape has long been used as a symbol of the spiritual, emotional and moral care of a human being.

Tin Anniversary Gifts

An ideal gift to celebrate being a couple and an ideal present for weddings, anniversaries Christmas or loved one's birthdays.

Gift wrapping is available for £4.00.
To activate the gift wrapping and gift message options, add the Lovers bowl to your cart, then view your cart and select the gift wrap tick box underneath.


Our limited edition Lovers bowl is hand crafted from polished, solid lead-free English pewter which is non-tarnishing (that was the lead content in old pewter) and completely nickel-free.
Because our designs are all created in solid metal, the surface of your lovers bowl will never flake like a silver plated bowl. To clean, simply wash with warm soapy water.
All Glover and Smith pewter heart designs are made exclusively by us in our workshops in Salisbury, Wiltshire UK
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