Collection: Personalised Engraved Unique Pewter Gifts

Personalised English Pewter Gifts, Unique Engraved Gift Ideas Made in Britain

Personalised Gifts

Create your own special unique personalised English pewter gifts with a hand stamped or engraved message on our beautifully detailed boxes and gifts. Each one is lovingly handmade by us in Wiltshire. Personalised gifts featuring oak leaves and acorns, British countryside animals, spitfire aeroplanes, hearts and unique Christening presents.

Perfect for Christenings, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas gifts -  what would yours say?

Engraved Gifts

We will be designing more engraved gifts in the future but engraving requires a specially prepared area on the object and usually a specifically designed jig to hold it still. If it's not in this category we cannot hand stamp it or engrave it.