Collection: Pewter And Silver Necklace Collection

English Pewter Necklaces on Sterling Silver Chains Gifts For Her

Our English pewter necklaces on Sterling silver chains feature organic oak leaves and acorns, hawthorn and ginkgo leaves. Bees and dragonflies found in British woodlands, and starfish, seahorses and ammonites found on the beach. Great gifts for her.

Pewter Jewellery

All of our pewter jewellery designs are certified lead, nickel and allergen-free so there's no need to worry about skin allergies or sensitive skin.

Environmentally Friendly Jewellery

The Production of English Pewter jewellery is very environmentally friendly leaving a low carbon footprint. It is the favourite metal of the WWF, The Woodland Trust and many other environmental groups worldwide.

Tenth 10th Tin Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The traditional 10th anniversary gift material is tin. All Glover and Smith designs on this site are made from an English pewter alloy which is 95% tin. So everything you see on our site is an appropriate 10th year anniversary gift.